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Leader in the localization of parts, YEONHAB PRECISION

Social Responsibility

Yeonhab shares hops for a brighter future
with the local community and the nation.

Humanity is the foundation if all of what Yeonhab values.
it seeks to fulfill its social responsibilities as the corporate member of the community by engaging in various social programs.

The corporate social responsibility programs of Yeonhab began out of the recognition that the benefits and
fruits the company reap are all results of the sweat and labor of various members of the community.
The fruits and achievements Yeonhab enjoys are, therefore, to be returned to society.

Future Baseball
Talent Scholarship

Yeonhab precision supports the baseball activities of local youths, too create a healthier and better future in which athletes can manifest their full talents with help from the business community.

“Fruits of Love”

Yeonhab Precision seeks to help all members of society, especially the underprivileged and marginalized, enjoy the best opportunities and possible quality of life.